URBAN GARDENS: South End Walking Tour

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I spent a wonderful couple of hours on Sunday walking through Boston’s South End neighborhood. I had of course been to the South End many times, but Sunday I decided was the day to spend walking the neighborhood and really seeing it. I am glad I did. The South End is a remarkably beautiful neighborhood and I was impressed with how much open space there is:  community gardens, large squares, small front gardens, good sized public parks, small newly formed “saved” open space parks/gardens which are now run by volunteers, a dog park,  the South Corridor Park, and one very large very old oak tree on Rutland Street. WalkBoston.org  is an online organization which lists good walks in and around Boston. I followed their route and “discovered” a wonderful neighborhood full of gardens. I plan to go back and have a closer look at the community gardens in the area, so I will post something about that in the near future. Until then, enjoy these  rare views of a bright, clear, snowless February day in Boston’s South End

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