I am off to Europe to travel, visit gardens, celebrate birthdays, see my daughter. I am especially excited to be going to the Floriade in Holland the week of April 23.

I have long been a huge fan of Piet Oudolf’s work. His garden, Hummelo, is in Holland. I checked his website and it lists opening hours and days. On the website the garden does not open til June. For months I kept re-checking the website hoping that the garden would be open in April when I am in Holland.

Well, yesterday I checked the website again; no new information. Still lists June as opening. But there is a phone number to call. So I decided WHY NOT? Let’s give Anja (Piet’s wife) a call.

I called. Anja picked up the phone, switched from speaking Dutch to English when I started talking, and LO & BEHOLD I have an appointment to visit the garden in April. Anja was so friendly and helpful. She wanted to make sure that I knew it was very early to visit the garden (I do know that) and that I knew the least expensive  and most efficient way to get to the garden.

So keep posted. I will post photos and the tale of my adventure. I am VERY EXCITED to go see the master’s garden itself.

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