Installation at Dumbarton Oaks

Here’s an interesting article on the latest installation at Dumbarton Oaks. Although the article talks about ‘Cloud Terrace’ it really highlights John Beardsley, the man in charge.
‘Cloud Terrace’ and other works put Dumbarton’s gardens in a new light

By Adrian Higgins

Ten thousand lead-crystal pendants dance beneath a cloud of scrunched-up chicken wire. Suspended on nine poles above a fancy patio, the art installation “Cloud Terrace” captures the stark, cold winter light and throws it back in flashes of color, intense bursts of orange, scarlet, indigo. John Beardsley has been drawn to this spectacle over and over since it went up in April and has found it to be a siren with many songs. “The piece has different moods,” he says, striding toward it. “When the shadows come, the crystals are like dew on a spider web. When the sun comes out . . .” The sentence is unfinished, but we know what he means. It’s dazzling.

Here’s the link:

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