Boston Flower & Garden Show

I breezed into the Boston Flower Show this afternoon. Each year it gets a little more difficult to convince myself to make the quick  trip to the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston to view what’s on offer. Since the demise of the New England Flower Show and it’s rebirth as the Boston Flower & Garden Show the show has been diminished in scale as well as in name. There are just a handful of exhibitors and although mildy pleasant  to look at, not very interesting, and certainly not horticulturally significant. There are so few exhibitors everyone seems to receive a ribbon. Most unfortunately, the number of vendors selling all kinds of non-garden paraphernalia outnumber the exhibitors to such an extent that the event  seems more like an organized flea market than a horticultural event. I remind myself I go each year to support The Massachusetts Horticultural Society, the oldest horticultural society in the USA, who under past bad management has had to regroup. The new director, Katherine Macdonald, had been  the executive director since January 2011 and under her leadership Masshort is making the climb back to reclaim its former position of influence. Everyone has the highest praise for Ms. Macdonald. I hope with time this new phase in the 184 year Masshort history will include a revamped Flower Show worth visiting.

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