Garden Guess

Where is this garden?

I am introducing something fun, a garden challenge. I will post a photograph and let you “guess” (or, preferably know) which garden it is. The garden could be any where in the world, the only clue is that I have been in the garden myself.  The first reader to post the correct answer will receive a small token from me as a  thank you for playing. Good luck! Let the garden guessing begin.

17 thoughts on “Garden Guess

  1. Can I piggy back on Kathelen’s comment? I have no idea although it looks beautiful. I love the idea of a “garden guess”!


  2. I think it is near a tulip forcing plantation in Nicaragua – I know you were in Nicaragua a year or so ago and suspect this was taken there.


  3. I’m glad Kathleen got ehre first and guessed wrong – I was going to say Netherlands also, but she has saved me! And it certainly isn’t Iceland… so I think somewhere in Europe, most likely in the UK. Thus I will guess – a garden within a 2 hour drive of London! Am I right???


  4. Nice idea to have a quiz!

    If you study the photo carefully you can see it’s a garden in an English-speaking country but not the UK. The fence is very distinctive but sadly I have no idea which garden it is.


  5. I think it is somewhere near the sea or a river or lake – the fence has nautical portholes in it. So maybe on the river Thames, say Hampton Court. Or of course all of Holland is really under the sea, so maybe there? Or maybe it is the garden of someone who either loved the sea or made a fortune from the sea?


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