Garden Guess


Here is this month’s Garden Guess. For those of you who like a brain tease, identify the garden from this image. To the person who first answers correctly, a token gift will be presented. Plus, you will receive virtual immortality as I will post your name as winner  next month. Good luck. And remember, if you read Of Gardens, you will know the answer to Garden Guess.

Congratulations to LANDSCAPELOVER who correctly identified The Biltmore Estate in last month’s Garden Guess.

11 thoughts on “Garden Guess

      1. Last year when I was at Floriade I saw how (I assume) Piet & Anja created their bent pear tree. When the tree is young, a weight is tied to the top of the tree and the tree bends. When the desired angle of bent is reached, the weight is removed. Simple and effective. I want to try it.


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