Garden Blogs of the Month: June 2013

Of Gardens has been chosen as one of the Garden Blogs of the Month at Just about every month Jean highlights gardening blogs worth following. I am thrilled she has chosen Of Gardens to highlight this month.

Jean's Garden

In the rush of end-of-semester grading, I didn’t manage to review garden blogs in May; so I’m making up for lost time with my June selections. The three blogs I’ve chosen to highlight are not necessarily new blogs, but all are new to me (within the past two months).


Late to the Garden Party is Kris Peterson’s chronicle of renovating an established garden in southern California. In 2010, Peterson moved from a house with a small garden that she had lovingly developed over 20 years to a property with much more room for gardening. The new house already had a garden – one that had been part of what attracted her to the house, but also one that was not entirely to her taste and that she needed to make her own. Two years later, in December 2012, she began blogging to document and share that process, noting that “Although…

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4 thoughts on “Garden Blogs of the Month: June 2013

  1. What a beautiful write up Jean did on your blog. What an honor — and thrill for me to read the wide and glowing comments you are getting. Yeah!!!!

    Like her, I do really like your reflective posts – although I love them all.



  2. Your blog is worthy of attention and awards as it is well written, has great pictures, and is thoughtfully prepared. Maybe reflection is more necessary than ever in our busy world – though I suspect your writer from Nova Scotia gets more opportunity than most others. Keep up the good work.


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