Daylily Delights


IMG_0018It’s the daylilies’ moment in the sun.  This time of year, daylilies are blooming. In New England the next two weeks are prime time for daylilies.  Yesterday, I was at an American Hemerocallis Society Daylily Display Garden in Framingham, MA where the daylilies were putting on a very nice show!






Earlier in the week I saw this display of daylilies against a stone wall in Rhode Island.



My favorite daylily display, however, is in the garden of a friend in Vermont. This gardener has a serpentine line of over 1100 daylilies! It’s a wonderful sight. (Sadly, I do not have a photo to share).

Everywhere I turn there are daylilies blooming. It must be high summer.


4 thoughts on “Daylily Delights

  1. Daylilies are so great — although I always prefer the long-stemed, smaller flowered ones to the new hybrids. My yellow (even scented!) ones, which were just here in our garden when we arrived, have been my mainstay plant, and I have divided and spread them all over. They are just as tough here in Rwanda as back home, and several are always in bloom.


  2. I wondered, why are they called daylilies? Do they close up at night, like other flowers? And, a bit off the wall, are there flowers that bloom at night (and if so, which ones and why?).


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