Marathon Daffodils

There is a plan afoot in the Boston area, entitled Marathon Daffodils,  to line the  communities along the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon with daffodils. The plan, envisioned by Diane Valle, former chair of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, is looking for financial donations and volunteers to make the vision a reality.  A recent Boston Globe article, among other local media, highlights the story:

I like the idea.  Afterall, I am a real believer in Memorial Gardens. I am willing to get behind this effort both financially and physically. I will keep you posted on the project and my progress with it. Wish us luck.


4 thoughts on “Marathon Daffodils

  1. I LOVE this idea too. What a great remembrance of those lost. It puts a cheery face on (to show the world it did not bring a city down) what was such a tragic event. Boston was such a remarkable city in the way the whole tragedy was handled, during and after.


    1. Thanks GWGT. I agree the bombing did not bring the city down. Daffodils would be a wonderful way to demonstrate that. Thanks for being an Of Gardens subscriber. I look forward to more conversations.


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