False sense of spring blossoms

Camellias and daphne blooms
Camellias and daphne blooms

imageAm I imaging things or are those spring blooms?   Yes they are spring blooms, here in LONDON in a private garden. All over London the daffodils are in full bloom, as are the camellias, hellebores, daphnes, forsythia.   It may be a grey, wet climate, but it is a wonderful gardening climate.


7 thoughts on “False sense of spring blossoms

  1. Hi–Writing you from Portland, Ore. where our gardening climate is the same, I can say we are seeing the same plants and they are bright and prolific. Recently I did a gardening challenge (with a great gift) for other gardeners to help me with suggestions for a particularly troublesome spot, and I had many responses–many from the England, Scotland, Ireland…one from the Anglesey Coast (sp?) in Wales. It was wonderful! So this is just to say when you are thinking England, keep in mind the great Pacific Northwest of the U.S. Susie at http://www.life-change-compost.com


  2. I often think of the Pacific Northwest in terms of gardening….I just don’t happen to be in the PNW at the moment.. I envy your ability to garden for such a long time each season. I enjoyed all the gardens I visited in the PNW last time I visited….the USA has very diverse gardening climates…something for everyone. Thank you for reminding me.


  3. You betcha! I look forward to the day when I can do a gardening tour of England. Having lived in Europe for five years, I have a good feeling for the continent, but I wasn’t gardening then. Now, it would be such a gift to visit with England with an eye for gardens!


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