10 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. Do you think poppies evoke the remembrance of war ?
    So very beautiful, perhaps very ephemeral , so very memorable –
    flower – remarkable photo – congratulations!


    1. Yes, to many, especially the British and former Commonwealth members, poppies are a symbol of War Remembrance. These poppies of remembrance are inspired by Papaver Rhoeas, which is a red poppy. The poppy in my video is an Oriental Poppy, or Papaver Orientale. It is a taller, larger poppy. There are a number of different types of poppies, and I have yet to see one I haven’t liked.


  2. Such a delicate flower and such an interesting presentation – made all the more so for me as I’m currently in a workshop learning to film and edit videos! Meanwhile, our late spring has delayed the opening of my own perennial poppies.


    1. Poppies are among my favorite flowers not only because of their beauty, but because they appear fragile, and the petals are fleeting, but the plants themselves are strong.


  3. Sadness and waste, and great beauty, all combined. As you say, red poppies are symbols of war loss and remembrance, especially among the current and former countries of the British Empire/Commonwealth. Your poppy is much pinker, more delicate, less forceful. Wispy, like a cloudy day. This returns full circle: “They lie forgotten as a dream Dies at the opening day” (O God our help in ages past etc.)


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