Window Boxes of Chester


In the charming seaside village of Chester, Nova Scotia there are always a plethora of window boxes. Each summer I look forward to seeing who will put what in their box. This year, I want to share some photos of these wonderful window boxes with you.
IMG_0055 IMG_0023_2IMG_0019_2 IMG_0005_2 IMG_0080IMG_0084IMG_0043IMG_0088IMG_0044IMG_0068IMG_0099 IMG_0065 2 IMG_0096


18 thoughts on “Window Boxes of Chester

  1. Your photos as always capture the joy implicit in gardening whether it is container or acres! Would that then world at large could embrace gardening a an essential element of the human experience – maybe we might enjoy more peace.
    There is something so humbling but also welcoming about gardening that crosses all boundaries!

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    1. You are so eloquent in your response. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of gardens, and gardeners.Thank you for voicing your thoughts. I always enjoy reading them.


  2. Colorful window boxes make such an enormous difference to the look of a building – and the gaudier the better, as far as I am concerned. Bright red Pelargoniums are a cliche perhaps, and yet they are beautiful!


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