Gardens of Marrakesh

Photo: Alessio Mei
Photo: Alessio Mei

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Marrakesh, I have just read Gardens of Marrakesh by Angelica Gray. I’m glad I did. Until  reading Gardens of Marrakesh, I thought the only garden worth visiting in Marrakesh was  Le Jardin Marjorelle. It turns out that there are, according to  Gray, at least 20 gardens of note to visit. I know I will visit Le Jardin Marjorelle, after all it has been on my gardens to visit wish list for many years. But now, thanks to Angelica, I know to visit 19 other gardens. I don’t think I will get to them all, but I will certainly try. If you’re planning a visit to Marrakesh and are interested in Moroccan gardens, do read Gardens of Marrakesh. The photos by Alessio Mei are transportive.  As  author, Gray does a decent job of organizing the gardens one by one and describing their strengths and weaknesses. She clearly loves Marrakesh and her enthusiasm is evident in her garden descriptions. Most importantly, she has gathered  gardens worth visiting in one volume, which makes it very useful to the traveling garden visitor.

Has any one been to Marrakesh and visited gardens? Has anyone read Gray’s book? How do your experiences measure up to the written description of Marrakeshi gardens? I’d like to know.


4 thoughts on “Gardens of Marrakesh

  1. Le Jardin Majorelle is on my wish list, too… I must admit that, vegetation apart, I would have not imagined such a rich heritage of gardens to visit… looking forward to reading about your trip!


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