A Whirlwind Tour


This past Tuesday, June 9, my garden was on tour. Over 300 visitors came, admired, and went on their way. For any of you who have had your garden on a tour, you know how much work it is! However, all the hard work and anxiety before the tour was repaid manifold by how much people enjoyed my garden, and were inspired by it. People asked a lot of questions – the most often asked question was “what is that plant that looks like a firecracker?” Answer: “Star of Persia allium” – not only about what things were but how to do things. The beauty of my garden, the scale of it, and what I have achieved with my own two hands inspired hundreds of people to go home and try something new in their garden. I often say in this blog that I believe in the healing power of gardens. On Tuesday, I witnessed the inspirational power of beauty. I wish you all could have been there.

16 thoughts on “A Whirlwind Tour

  1. I’m a bit late getting here, but congratulations on a successful tour. I enjoy visiting public gardens, but I find gardens like yours that are the passion and creation of an individual most inspiring.


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