Drought Management

Free Water if you want it

To those of you in more verdant zones, you may not know that the Northeast of the American continent is in a drought, severe in many places. While I was perusing social media today, I came across a plea from a gardener in Massachusetts seeking help for her drought stricken garden. She was asking for ideas on what other drought stricken gardeners were doing to get water to their gardens.

Although I hadn’t considered it until I read her plea, I  realized I have a stopgap measure for drought stricken gardeners. I have been using a dehumidifier each night to get the damp out of our cottage in Nova Scotia. Each morning, I pour the collected water onto a shrub much in need of hydration. It’s a win-win.

In a fellowship of gardeners, I offer you all this slow, but steady, sustainable, inexpensive method to get some water to your gardens this 2016 year of drought. May the gardening gods be with you.

3 thoughts on “Drought Management

  1. It is indeed extraordinarily dry in the northeast. We’ve had severe downpours recently in North Hatley but only enough to dampen the ground. Low water levels in the lake have exposed sections of shoreline not seen for years and we have nary a drop coming over the Aqueduct or the dam. I don’t remember another summer like it.

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