I am fascinated by garden history. I am an art historian by training, with a concentration in the history of photography, so it was a simple transition from art history to garden history. I am lucky to live in Boston, MA one of the best cities in the world to study garden history, which I continue to do.  I travel widely to visit gardens, many of which will appear on Of Gardens. The more gardens I see, the more I want to see. However, like gardening of which I am a Master Gardener, the more knowledge I acquire the humbler I become.

Here on Of Gardens you will find a wide range of topics on garden history and gardens in general. Gardens are everywhere, and their stories mirror human development and history. So ubiquitous are gardens yet, except for those few who make it their lifework, little thought is given to the fascinating topic of garden history. Of Gardens is the place for those curious about gardens and their history.

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