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Wellesley/Weston Magazine
WellesleyWeston Magazine

My garden is the the front cover of the WellesleyWeston Magazine! This is as exciting as seeing my name in print. The photograph was taken last June by their talented staff photographer, Peter Baker.  The cover photo leads into the main article about the upcoming Hills Garden Club of Wellesley Garden Tour on June 9, 2015. My garden will be on the tour; in the magazine article it’s referred to as The Formal Garden.

To read the inside of the magazine, click here:

Of course, this month, my garden gate doesn’t look anything like the above photo. Here’s what my garden gate looks like today:


Oudolf Garden, Revisited

Oudolf Garden

A year ago I was in Hummelo, The Netherlands visiting Piet and Anja Oudolf’s garden. It was a  calculated visit. Months before I arrived, I knew I would be in the Netherlands in April 2012 to visit the Floriade (the once every decade international horticultural event) and that I had one day, April 22, that I was free to travel from Amsterdam to Hummelo. (see my blog post  April 5 2012) The journey, although not short, was easy, the Dutch rail system being oh so European and efficient. The tricky part was when we arrived at the train station (in Doetinchem de Huet) and expected taxis to be waiting, which they were not. A couple hours later, we managed to hire a taxi which drove us the relatively short distance to Hummelo, where the oh so gracious Anja Oudolf greeted us.

Anja Oudolf in front of the Studio
Anja Oudolf in front of the Studio

Anja, as pictured, dressed, I remember remarking in my mind, in her wonderful blue sweater and bead necklace, asked us a few questions: Where we were from?  (Boston, USA) Had we seen any other of Piet’s gardens (Yes, Wisley, High Line, Battery Park, Lurie Garden/ Millennial Park), had we read any of Piet’s books (Yes, all of them).  Confident then that we knew what we were looking at, Anja set us a themos of coffee and some cookies in the shed and left us to explore the garden.We had two hours alone in Piet Oudolf’s garden. Continue reading