False sense of spring blossoms

Camellias and daphne blooms
Camellias and daphne blooms

imageAm I imaging things or are those spring blooms?   Yes they are spring blooms, here in LONDON in a private garden. All over London the daffodils are in full bloom, as are the camellias, hellebores, daphnes, forsythia.   It may be a grey, wet climate, but it is a wonderful gardening climate.



Daffodils Waiting to be Planted
Daffodils Waiting to be Planted

I took advantage of the glorious weather on Columbus Day to participate in another American Fall tradition: bulb planting ….Yes, it’s bulb planting time of year again! This is the time of year that comes after the looking at bulbs in catalogs time of year, and then the ordering bulbs time of year, which coincides with the I will have lots of energy to plant bulbs this year time of year. But, I have survived and triumphed.  I planted 375 bulbs in total = 275 daffodil bulbs, and 100 pink tulip bulbs.

I planted all 275 daffodil bulbs amongst my longest peony border. I do love my peonies, I have lots of them, over 100, and I am always trying to add more interest to their borders for other seasons when the peonies are not in bloom.

The Long Peony Border after the daffodils have been planted. You can't see them now, but you will come spring!
The Long Peony Border after the daffodils have been planted. You can’t see them now, but you will come spring!

One of my peony borders is interplanted with Honorine Joubert Japanese anemones and so this time of year that border looks alive and flourishing with the tall stems of Honorine blooming above the spent peony foliage. Since I crave color and flowers in early spring after the long winter, I decided I wanted to add early spring flowers to the long peony border rather than summer or fall bloomers.  Daffodils are such a nice choice because they will bloom and then their foliage will fade, and eventually die back, leaving the peonies to bloom on their own.

What 275 unplanted daffodil bulbs look like
What 275 unplanted daffodil bulbs look like

I planted a mix of  naturalizing daffodils: Pimpernel, Falconet, Single Campernelle, Thalia, Dutch Master, Carlton, Delibes and whatever unnamed varieties that are included in the Spring Loaded mix, all from Colorblends. I like to plant the naturalizing varieties so I am assured of daffodils for many springs to come. Keep a watch out, come spring I will fill Of Gardens with photos showing the success of my mass planting. Have you planted any bulbs this fall?

Marathon Daffodils

There is a plan afoot in the Boston area, entitled Marathon Daffodils,  to line the  communities along the 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon with daffodils. The plan, envisioned by Diane Valle, former chair of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, is looking for financial donations and volunteers to make the vision a reality.  A recent Boston Globe article, among other local media, highlights the story:


I like the idea.  Afterall, I am a real believer in Memorial Gardens. I am willing to get behind this effort both financially and physically. I will keep you posted on the project and my progress with it. Wish us luck.