Drought Management

Free Water if you want it

To those of you in more verdant zones, you may not know that the Northeast of the American continent is in a drought, severe in many places. While I was perusing social media today, I came across a plea from a gardener in Massachusetts seeking help for her drought stricken garden. She was asking for ideas on what other drought stricken gardeners were doing to get water to their gardens.

Although I hadn’t considered it until I read her plea, I ┬árealized I have a stopgap measure for drought stricken gardeners. I have been using a dehumidifier each night to get the damp out of our cottage in Nova Scotia. Each morning, I pour the collected water onto a shrub much in need of hydration. It’s a win-win.

In a fellowship of gardeners, I offer you all this slow, but steady, sustainable, inexpensive method to get some water to your gardens this 2016 year of drought. May the gardening gods be with you.