Winter Bouquet

Emma's Bouquet

I haven’t posted in many months so I thought it appropriate to begin again with a wedding. My daughter was married in London on January 31, 2015. Above is her winter wedding bouquet, consisting of only flowers that were in season in England:  anemones, brunia, waxflower and eustoma.

Bridal Wreath

Her Bridal wreath echoed her bouquet, but added ivy and a touch of gypsophila.

Choosing from among what flowers were available rather than special ordering exotics created a bouquet and wreath that fit in with the day, the weather and the city. Proving once again, to me at least, that working with nature creates the most beautiful bounty.

False sense of spring blossoms

Camellias and daphne blooms
Camellias and daphne blooms

imageAm I imaging things or are those spring blooms?   Yes they are spring blooms, here in LONDON in a private garden. All over London the daffodils are in full bloom, as are the camellias, hellebores, daphnes, forsythia.   It may be a grey, wet climate, but it is a wonderful gardening climate.